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Hanging Hook, 2YKN5/2YKN6/2YKR1/2YKR2 For Sale


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Hanging Hook, 2YKN5/2YKN6/2YKR1/2YKR2 For Sale

Accessories and parts for hand lamps To make hand lamps functional again, modify them for a specific use or replace any worn parts. They accommodate particular hand lamp types and brands.

anufacturer Part NumberEL189449H50G
Compatible with BrandDayton
Compatible with Grainger Part Number2YKN5; 2YKN6; 2YKR1; 2YKR2
Compatible with Manufacturer Model Number2YKN5; 2YKN6; 2YKR1; 2YKR2
Product TypeHanging Hook


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